BIG L “HARLEM’S FINEST” 1974-1999 R.I.P.

Big L is no question one of the greatest rappers of all time. There is a film documentary coming out about his lifestyle in the next year or so. Be on the lookout for that. Check the Live from Amsterdam footage towards the end of  the trailer. I also have to give myself and the O.G. Fat Beats crew, big-up’s for being able to put on his last show in Amsterdam. With Ricky Powell hosting the event it was an adventure i will never forget. Thank you Lamont aka. BIG L REST IT PEACE my brother. You were and still are Money Makin’ Manhattan’s greatest mc.



This is the first installment of a collection of recipes that my man CHEF CHA-CHI from Brooklyn, NY. put together when you need something easy and reliable.




Shopping List


1  three pound chicken

1 small onion– cut into small dice

1 bunch of scallions — cut into small dice

1 bulb of garlic — chopped real fine  (minced)

1 root of ginger– chopped real fine (minced)

2 tbl sp whole alspice

1 tbl sp whole cloves

1 tea sp nutmeg (fresh ground if possible)

2 tbl sp salt

2 tbls sp pepper

2 tbls sp sugar

1/4 c oil

1/4 c soy 

1 bu fresh thyme

2 dry bay leafs

2 cooking potatoes–peeled cut into medium cubes

2 carrots–peeled cut into slices 1/4 in thick

1 bell pepper– deseeded cut into medium pcs any shape


1 to 2 cups of chicken stock



Cutting chicken into small pcs(remove skin)

Rinse chicken place in bowl


Season chicken with all ingredients except for potato, carrot ,bell pepper and chicken stock 


It can be left overnight  in marinade or used immediately

(the longer in the marinde the better) 


Pre-Heat sauce pot or a pan that can hold the whole chicken plus the cooking liquid.

Be sure you have more then enough room in the pan to allow for proper cooking.


Add chicken to pot, gently move chicken at first to avoid sticking

Brown chicken  (aprox 15 min)

Be sure not over-stir

When heat returns back to pot

Add chicken stock– just enough to  cover chicken 

Simmer– when liquid begins to boil add remaining ingredients

Continue to cook until chicken is tender and done… (aprox 35 min)

Re-season pot to desired flavors (salt and pepper)

*Notes- When the potatoes are soft and cooked  the chicken should be done. You may have to add more liqiud or less liquid depending on the size of your cooking vessel.


This dish is best served with white rice.



Dear  Weezy,                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I’m  glad to see big things have happened for you since Katrina. You got out the hood and blew the fuck up. But you need to do me a favor and get back on that “500 DEGREEZ” shit. For real.