This photo of a lizard holding a joint is amazing. A few years back on a trip to Miami, i went to visit some friends at there cabana on the beach. After a short swim i came back to wash up and the next thing you know is. There’s a lizard on the table holding on to a  joint. I felt honored by his presence. I’m still wondering if he finally found what he had been looking for. So i took a few quick photo’s of him because i figured he was just passing threw and i better make this happen, fast. This isn’t a movie. Shouts to Cheech & Chong and Smoking gold rolling papers. I’m not dreaming.


Picture 2

 This can is supposed to protect you from evilness. So i got a case of this stuff and have been giving them away to some people who may need it. The cool thing about this stuff is the packaging on the can and it really does work it some weird way. The major set back is when you spray this stuff you better get out of the room as well. It sprays out in a huge fog and stinks like third world bug spray!


Respect - 800 by 800 Cover

 The debut album from Respect Tha God / Perverted Monks family. For those that don’t know the Perverted Monks history they consist of Jeru, Afu-Ra and the Gangstarr camp. Respect Tha God  “The Life In Times of Russell Ballegenger ”  Album Features  Afu-Ra, Smif And Wesson, Fresh Daily, L.I.F.E. Long, Vanessa Lifitg and more. With production By Black Panther, Hungry Brothers and PF Cuttin’. Support my people from East N.Y. that be doing there thang in the rap game.

 Here is a direct link to purchase the album from iTunes.


Ryan and Harry Jumonji JAIL


 HARRY JUMONJI & RYAN SIKORSKI    I discovered this old polaroid the other day from 2001 when my friend Harry was incarcerated. So i figure i would follow it up with a more positive photo from 2008 when we got re-united on the outside. I am glad to say my man is doing very well these days. Stay strong Jumonji. “Skateboarding saved my life”.