Rapper Juvenile was arrested yesterday in St. Bernard Parish, New Orleans for marijuana at his home. According to the police, Juvenile’s next door neighbor smelled marijuana smoke coming out of the house. So they called the police and when they arrived one of Juvenile’s friends opened the door and didn’t exactly cooperate with the authorities. That led for them to obtain a search warrant to search the house in which they found fourteen grams of weed in the kitchen. Everybody in the house was taken to police headquarters even though Juvenile told the police that the weed had belonged to him. Good news is that everyone involved had posted bond the same night. Oh by the way, i almost forgot F.T.P. and that rat-ass neighbor who called them.


 Fred Gall “Epicly Later’d” Skate Video. Freddy is one of the greatest skateboarders to ever come out of Dirty Jersey. Pure raw and uncut skateboarding at it’s best. East coast style.


AF 25years

 Agnostic Front, Antidote and Urban Waste  *LIVE   N.Y.H.C. Legends! FEB.26 @ The Bell House, Brooklyn NY. Agnostic Front will celebrate there 25 year anniversary, paying homage to the fans by performing with the original 1984 lineup. With all the OG. band members as they appeared on there first two recorded releases “United Blood” 7″ and the “Victim In Pain” album. It doesn’t get any better than this if your a hardcore fiend. Also performing is Antidote, another great N.Y.H.C. band that only released one 7″ record back in the day called “Thou Shall Not Kill”. So if your in the NYC. area go and check this show out and if you happen to run into Nunzio from Antidote. Do me a favor and tell him i want my hundred bucks back from 1988 with interest.



 I just received the daily e-mail blast from our friends at Digital Gravel.com and i must say many thanks to the crew over there for the kinds words. There’s alot of “street wear” brands in the mix these days so i’m very happy to get two the thumb’s up from the kings of online distribution. www.digitalgravel.com